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What is Vaping?

There are many different types of ecigs and mods, from basic slim cig-alike models, to larger temp control models.

There is something to suit everyone. Whether you’re wanting something small and discrete, or something more robust and solid. 

Replacing smoking with vaping is the greatest thing you can do! No longer be dependant on burning tobacco and start enjoying the awesome flavours and satisfaction vaping can give you.

What is vaping? It’s a way of life!

There are some awesome benefits from making the switch:

  • You won’t smell like an ashtray anymore. You’d be surprised by how much smoking traditional cigarettes makes you stink! Vaping produces lovely smells like apple crumble or Maple pancakes, it totally depends on your e-liquid choices!

  • Vaping tastes amazing. One taste of some premium e-liquids and you’ll be off traditional cigarettes for good! The world of vaping flavours is huge, coffee eliquid in the morning perhaps, maybe a nice mango after dinner?

  • Save money. With the ever increasing price of traditional tobacco cigarettes, vaping and e-cigs are a cheaper and more budget friendly option.

  • Never worry about when or where your next cigarette is coming from. Vaping and ecigs free you from the crazy tobacco brain! You’ll never duck out in the middle of dinner again!

  • Control how much and what you vape. You can adjust your experience completely with vaping. Need it warmer? Cooler? More intense? Want a mellow vape? You can do that!

There are a million reasons to vape and use electronic cigarettes in Australia. Our premium e-liquids are some of the finest flavours available anywhere in the world, flavours and liquids our customers deserve. All Australian Made and proud of it!

Make the switch to vaping and e-cigs today. You’d be mad not to try it!