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Vape Monster - Poltergeist

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Caramel Clouds

Thick, delicious custard cream with hints of delicious caramel 

The poltergeist, maybe one of the most feared of all the ghosts, able to move objects that belong to the living. A poltergeist used to be a breathing being just like you are now. The poltergeist is most commonly a small child that has come back to play. Sometimes they are good and do not want to hurt anyone, but other times they are evil; demons in disguise. In the dark, a door will open and nobody is there. There will be sounds of movement; footsteps coming from no feet. Caramel sweets in the glass bowl on the bedside table will fall, but nothing touched it. It’s just the poltergeist there trying to get someone’s attention.  

All products are sold with no nicotine.
All you need to do is dilute it 1:1 with your PG, VG and Nicotine (if desired) straight into the bottle provided (there's plenty of room)
Otherwise if you would like your juice made up Ready to vape please let us know in the notes section and the bottle will be filled up with either 50/50 PG/VG Mix or Max VG, when you checkout please let us know your preference. (If no preference we will send as a doubler).


If the product is listed as a doubler and you would like your e-liquid ready-to-vape please comment in the notes section at check-out with your choice of either
 50% PG AND 50% VG
 100% VG
otherwise the e-liquid will be sent as a doubler

Please note, if the e-liquid product is purchased as a doubler the contained liquid must be diluted with vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol before use